take me HOME is a Polish brand producing and selling beautiful, loft, industrial and Scandinavian style furniture in Poland, as well as on various EU markets.

We specialise in the manufacture of nightstands, coffee tables and console tables, as well as dining tables characterized by a minimalistic, simple form. Our furniture is mostly made of powder-coated steel, natural oak wood, MDF board with well-defined, matte texture, and  body tinted glass. Our furniture is distinguished by original design which is based on solid figures and makes each of our products a piece of modern art. ”Smooth and nice to the touch – this is one of the first impressions of Clients visiting the take me HOME showroom.


Because we cooperate with architects and interior designers, we know that the we furnish our interiors is not only a result of rational choices guided by ergonomics and functionality, but it also derives from the innermost, authentic needs of our Self. Keeping in mind that the way of expressing yourself is of the utmost importance, we create furniture that has a tremendous potential of articulating the individuality and uniqueness of every personality. Our furniture facilitates such arrangement of space that is a reflection of our inner world. take me Home furniture embodies the refined beauty of proportion, subtle expression, and the power of charisma. It combines the beauty of natural, oak wood with a modern steel structure. It is a genuine synthesis of what is significant – a meeting of classical past and dynamic present, with innovative future emerging on the horizon.


Our Clients are aware of their needs. They boldly search for unconventional solutions, appreciate high quality of furniture and its world-class design. They are interested in interior design trends, as they plan their decisions and create their interiors in cooperation with an architect or designer, or simply trust their own sense of style and beauty. For our Clients, interior arrangement and decoration is a pleasant process, full of fun and experiments. It may be even more so, as you can order personalised furniture from take me HOME.

Over 350 Polish architectural/interior design studios cooperate with us and recommend our products to their Clients. We appreciate their trust and invite to cooperation all those of you who have just discovered our Company. If you need it to make your Client’s interior perfect, we can modify each piece of our furniture or even create a new one on the basis of your project.

A group of experienced designers ensures that each piece of our furniture expresses the minimalistic, geometric order, being a background for unexpected diagonal lines running beneath the top, or openwork decorative details. More

We do not produce „gadget-furniture” which may be interesting, but is hard to arrange with the rest of the interior. take me HOME furniture is user-friendly, which means it is simple, minimalistic and will perfectly fit in modern Scandinavian and loft style interiors. Our products do not say “look at ME”, but “take me HOME.”


All of our products are manufactured by hand, and the process of creating one piece of furniture may involve even 10 people! We are able to offer top quality furniture, because its most crucial elements – wooden tops and steel bases – are made by season craftsmen with over 25 years of experience. In the process of surface finishing we use the best foreign products available on the market: Swiss powder coatings, Italian varnishes, as well as German and Danish wax oils.


take me HOME' furniture is made in Warsaw, with the use of Polish materials. Oak wood, the material used in vast majority of our products, is one of the most appreciated timber species in Europe that are used in interiors. Its wonderful wood grain and bright hue open way to a wide range of dyeing possibilities. Regardless of whether it is bleached oak wood or dark rosewood-dyed oak wood, it always looks wonderful. Oak wood is also very hard and durable – that is why our furniture, if maintained appropriately, can serve you for many generations.

  take me HOME. in EUROPE 

Universal, but at the same time unique design, high quality, perfection of every detail – all of this allowed our products – nightstands, coffee tables and console tables, as well as dining tables – to appear on foreign markets – in the Germany, Austria, France, UK, Belgium and Estonia. They are perfect for both residential interiors and public spaces – offices, conference centres, professional studios, restaurants and hotels.