take me HOME is a Polish company which manufactures and labels with its own brand minimalist, Scandinavian- and loft-style furniture. Thanks to affordable prices, you will hear each of these well-designed and beautifully finished pieces whisper to you: take me HOME...

  Premium quality  

All our furniture is hand made ­– sometimes one piece is manufactured by as many as ten people! In order to guarantee the highest quality of furniture, its most important elements – wooden tops and steel frames – are produced by seasoned craftsmen with 25 years of experience.

  Designed and manufactured in Poland  

take me HOME furniture is produced in Warsaw, with the use of Polish materials.
Of course, for finishing surfaces, we use the best European products: Swiss powder paints, German varnishes and oils.

  Friendly design  
We do not want to produce fancy furniture which might look good, but is hard to be set within the interior. take me HOME pieces are meant to be user-friendly, which means simple, minimalist and match the majority of Scandinavian- and loft-style interiors. Instead of saying “look at ME”, our furniture says “take me HOME”!

 We love oak   
Oak wood – the material used for majority of our furniture is one of the most valued wood species used in European interiors. Thanks to beautiful tree rings and the soft colour of oak wood, it can be tinted to almost any shade. Whether you need it whitewashed or rosewood-like dark, oak wood will always look perfect. It is also very hard and durable, thanks to which our furniture, with proper care, will last a few generations.

Our furniture is not waiting for you in carton boxes on warehouse shelves. Each single piece is assembled only after you order it. Thanks to that we are sure that all the products we dispatch to you are in a perfect condition. We also pay special attention to securing the furniture for transport. Most of our products are dispatched on palettes, so damage upon delivery is very rare.

  Interior desgners' choice  

Already more than 300 architect studios in Poland work with us and recommend our products to their clients. We would like to thank them for their trust and invite all of you who have just discovered us, to start cooperation with take me HOME. In order to support you in creating perfect interiors for your clients, we can modify our existing designs or produce something totally new basing on your ideas.

  Appreciated by experts  

take me HOME furniture is regularly presented in such interior design magazines such as  M jak mieszkanie, Cztery Kąty, Dom i Wnętrze or Weranda. Moreover, we are happy to work with the DEKORADY tv show. take me HOME furniture has also been part of two international exhibitions during Łódź Design Festival and WROCLOVE Design.