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grzegorz worpus budziejewski - take me HOME

Grzegorz Worpus Budziejewski

Painter, graphic designer, designer born in 1986 in Lodz. He began his artistic education in the Tadeusz Makowski Fine Arts High School w Lodz, then studied in the State College of Film and Theatre Techniques in Lodz as well as the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Lodz, where he attended prof. Włodzimierz Stelmaszczyk’s painting workshop. Already as a student he won many competitions. He is a curator and participant of collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Nowadays, he runs his own enterprise, KRAVTS, which aims at promoting youth art. His paintings depict abstract motifs, sometimes referring to the art of origami However, colours are most important here – Grzegorz uses them to express the transient mood of nostalgia, longing, hope and optimism. His paintings, and furniture by take me HOME, are a perfect choice for modern interiors, bringing out their minimalism, spaciousness and sensuality.

Some furniture designed by Grzegorz for ‘take me HOME’ : Woodbox, Piano, Tube, Kai

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tube - take me HOME
kai - take me HOME
woodbox - take me HOME