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mateusz karewicz - take me HOME

Mateusz Karewicz

Co-owner of the take me HOME brand and a furniture designer. Graduate of the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz, he received his M.A in 2006, and started work in marketing, which has surely developed his creative approach to all kinds of professional challenges.

And in the meantime… Ever since he was a child he has had a great passion for design, at first expressed in countless drawings of cars, houses and furniture, then also in some more serious projects. 2013 was a turning point for his professional career – driven by the need to design and create beautiful and functional furniture, he established take me HOME. Since then, he has been focusing only on creative design and production. One of his especially significant projects is the Tavolo table having a minimalist, elegant form, which can be described as visually light and monumental at the same time. Inspired by simple, geometrical structures, he aims at creating furniture which embodies peace and spiritual harmony and with its very existence reduces the excess of stimuli that is so typical of modern everyday life.

Some furniture designed for ‘take me HOME’ : Tavolo, Mezzo, Delgado, Orlando, Vertico

Products by Mateusz Karewicz

cleo console table - take me HOME
leonard side table - take me HOME
narvik coffee tables - take me HOME