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przemek lisiecki - take me HOME

Przemek Lisiecki

Architect, who also deals with interior arrangement and designing furniture. In 2003, he the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is also a graduate of the Fine Arts College.

In 2000-2008, as a co-owner of the MBPL architectonic studio, he accomplished numerous designs of single-family houses and public utility facilities. In his various works, he uses mostly natural stone, glass, ceramic and plywood. Apart from creating modern interiors, full of space and light, he also pursues furniture projects corresponding with the same idea. For take me HOME, brand he designed loft-style tables with a sophisticated twist.

Some furniture designed by Przemek for ‘take me HOME’ : Industrial, Goteborg, Manhattan, Emerald, Ovo.

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Products by Przemek Lisiecki

Industrial table - take me HOME
manhattan - take me HOME
emerald table - take me HOME