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Robert Budny

Co-founder of take me HOME, organizer of building processes, including both major building structures and industrial design, such as furniture. Expert engineer and constructor specializing in steel constructions. In 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. He began designing furniture driven by the need to create solid, universal forms made of sustainable materials, meant as a response to what modern, “disposable” market offers.

He finds inspiration in steel structures and constructivism in architecture transferred into applied arts. His design work results in furniture made of steel and wood. As a consultant having a great knowledge on steel structures, he participates in implementation of each take me HOME project, thanks to which our furniture is not only visually attractive but also strong and stable. The details are also important here, for instance selection of proper intersection and physical properties of steel profiles. In fact, it is steel that is most important in take me HOME furniture – proper angles of profiles, or numerous intersections of steel elements are responsible for the dynamic, modern and original shape of our products.

Robert participated in projects such as: modernization of the Warsaw Public Library at Koszykowa street, Business and Finance Centre in Warsaw, University Campus in Białystok, PKP Warszawa Stadion railway station, the building of Polish Television in Warsaw, 2nd line of the underground in Warsaw, the National Stadium in Warsaw or the steel structure for a swing bridge in Grudziądz.

Some furniture designed by Robert for ‘take me HOME’ : Montana, Tulip, Performa, Chic Chocolate.

Products by Robert Budny

modulo configurable set - take me HOME
sisters console table - take me HOME
elmo table - take me HOME